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CIMTECH draws on the traditional medicine of the Cook Islands to bring new natural beauty skincare, cosmeceuticals, dermatological and pharmaceutical products to the market.


Cook Islands Medical Technologies (CIMTECH) is a private company focused on the research and development of novel cosmetic, complementary medicine and pharmaceutical products. CIMTECH was founded in 2008 by Dr Graham Matheson after 5 years of extensive research conducted at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia into the medical benefits of a specific, extensively-used, traditional plant-based remedy.

Using the tools of evidence-based medicine, Dr Matheson's research data combined with clinical observations, highlighted the potential for indigenous natural products to revolutionise the science and medicine of bone fractures, skin rejuvenation and wound healing. CIMTECH has four patent applications.

Koutu Nui Collaboration and Investment

In 2003 permission was gained by Dr Matheson, who was raised on the Cook Islands, from the Koutu Nui to research their traditional remedies. Based on the success of his research, Dr Matheson established CIMTECH. Both Dr Matheson and the Koutu Nui are major shareholders in CIMTECH.

The Company is committed to working cooperatively with the Koutu Nui to promote sustainable development in the Cook Islands and aims to establish a plant cultivation and extraction facility in this location to supply ingredients for its line of skin care products.

The Koutu Nui

For centuries, Cook Islanders have used natural plant-based remedies. Now the natural products development company CIMTECH is drawing on this traditional wisdom to bring new products to market, bringing employment and profits to the remote South Pacific islands.

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