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CIMTECH has numerous research programs and potential products that build on 5 years of R&D at one of Australia's leading research universities, the University of New South Wales. These are based on botanicals in use as traditional medicines within the Cook Islands.

Natural beauty skin care products

CIMTECH has developed natural skin care products that incorporate extracts from native Cook Island plants and have the potential to rejuvenate, soften and nourish the skin. Proof-of Concept studies employing these natural, plant-based formulas demonstrate clinically significant changes in skin structure that reverse the effects of aging by thickening the superficial and underlying layers of the skin.

The range has the potential to provide benefits to skin health and wellbeing and will be developed by incorporating traditional knowledge and wisdom while combining the finest natural ingredients with rigorous scientific technology.

CIMTECH has undertaken robust product and operational planning utilising the expertise of two senior executives from the cosmetics industry.

Dermatological product development

Several of CIMTECH's plant-based formulations have dermatological applications that include but are not limited to treating eczema and psoriasis. These formulations will be developed for incorporation into topical applications that will be distributed throughout pharmacies in Australia and overseas as over the counter(OTC) medicines.

Bone regeneration R&D

CIMTECH has identified and tested a plant based extract that dramatically accelerates the natural healing and regeneration of bone. CIMTECH's findings are based on controlled Proof-of Concept research studies using in vivo models at the University of New South Wales Surgical and Orthopaedic Research Laboratories.

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